Gregor Prosen

Gregor Prosen



Dr. Gregor Prosen is a clinical assistant at a Medical School in Maribor, Slovenia. He teaches in the Department of Physiology and Department of Emergency Medicine. As a founding member and current president of Medical Society WINFOCUS Slovenija, he has been instrumental in bringing point-of-care ultrasound in emergency medicine to Slovenija. He is an instructor in WINFOCUS Life Support Course and a member of the educational committee of WINFOCUS. Dr. Prosen was Chair of Organizing Committee of the 12th WINFOCUS World Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2016. His latest passion is getting POCUS integrated into a Medical School in Maribor, from anatomy to propaedeutics and clinical integration. His team of students is creating P.A.C.E. teaching kit/POCUS Augmented Clinical Exam, that will be freely available online to any medical educator and will cover POCUS at all levels of the medical curriculum.


Professor, Health sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia