Stephanie Doniger

Stephanie Doniger



Dr. Doniger is one of the leading experts in pediatric point-of-care ultrasound. Following her training in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, she was the first to then complete an additional Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship in 2008.

Since that time, Dr. Doniger has authored and co-authored numerous book chapters, articles and other publications on point-of-care ultrasound. She edited the first textbook “Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound”, and has lectured on national and international levels in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Doniger has held multiple leadership positions, including the Subcommittee Chair of the ACEP Pediatric Ultrasound Subcommittee for 5 years, and the WINFOCUS Board of Directors. She has been a member of WINFOCUS since 2008 and is currently in charge of organizing pediatric point-of-care ultrasound education throughout Latin America.


Co-Director Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound, Program Director Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship, New York-Presbyterian, Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, United States